Bailey, Nathan

Dictionarium Britannicum

Or a more compleat universal etymological English dictionary than any extant. Containing not only the words, and their explication; but their etymologies from the antient british, teutonick, dutch low and high , old saxon, german, danish, swedish, norman and modern french, italian, spanish, latin, greek, hebrew, &c. each in its proper character. Also explaining hard and technical words, or terms of art, in all the arts, sciences, and mysteries following. Together with accents directing to their proper pronuntiation, shewing both the orthography and orthoepia of the english tongue, viz. in agriculture, algebra, anatomy, architecture, arithmetick, astrology, astronomy, botanicks, catoptricks, chymistry, chyromangy, chirurgery, confectionary, cookery, cosmography, dialling, dioptricks, ethicks, fishing, fortification, fowling, gardening, gauging, geography, geometry, grammar, gunnery, handicrafts, hawking, heraldry, horsemanship, hunting, husbandry, hydraulicks, hydrography, hydrostaticks, law, logick, maritime and military affairs, mathematicks, mechanicks, merchandize, metaphysicks, meteorology, navigation, opticks, otacousticks, painting, perspective, pharmacy, philosophy, physick, physiognomy, pyrotechny, rhetorick, sculpture, staticks, statuary, surveying, theology, and trigonometry. Illustrated with near five hundred cuts, for giving a clearer idea of those figures, not so well apprehended by verbal description. Likewise a collection and explanation of english proverbs; also of words and phrases us'd in our antient charters, statutes, writs, old records and processes at law. Also the iconology, mythology, theogony, and theology of the egyptians, greeks, romans, &c. being an account of their deities, solemnities, either religious or civil, their divinations, auguries, oracles, hieroglyphicks, and many other curious matters, necessary to be understood, especially by the readers of english poetry. To which is added, a collection of proper names of persons and places in Great-Britain, with their etymologies and explications. The whole digested into an alphabetical order, not only for the information of the ignorant, but the entertainment of the curious; and also the benefit of artificers, tradesmen, young students and foreigners. A work useful for such as would understand what they read and hear, speak what they mean, and write true english. By N. Bailey. Assisted in the mathematical part by G. Gordon; in the botanical by P. Miller, and in the etymological, &c. by T. Lediard, Gent. Professor of the modern languages in Lower Germany
The second edition with numerous additions and improvements
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Dictionarium Britannicum