Bailey, Nathan

The new universal English dictionary of words, and of arts and sciences

With their explications and etymologies from the ancient british, teutonick, dutch, saxon, danish, french, italian, spanish, latin, greek, hebrew, chaldee, &c. each in its proper character. Also an explanation of hard and technical terms; with accents directing to their proper pronunciation, shewing not only the orthography and orthoepia of the english tongue, but likewise the rise and improvements of all the arts, liberal and mechanical, from the most remote antiquity to the present time. Illustrated with two hundred and sixty cuts, giving a clearer Idea of those figures, than can be comprehended by verbal descriptions. Likewise a collection and explanation of words and phrases used in our ancient charters, statutes, writs, old records, and processes at law. A work useful for such as would understand what they read and hear, speak what they mean, and write true english. To which is added, a dictionary of cant words, the knowlege of which has prevented many robberies
The fourth edition, carefully corrected by Mr. Buchanan. And published as a complete supplement to all other english dictionaries
The new universal etymological English dictionary