Bernard, Jacques

An appendix to the three english volumes in folio of Morery's great historical, geographical, genealogical and poetical dictionary

Being a curious miscellany of sacred and profane history. Containing, in short, the lives and most remarkable actions of the patriarchs, judges and kings of the jews; of the apostles, fathers and doctors of the church; of popes, cardinals, bishops, &c. of heresiarchs and schismaticks, with an account of their principal doctrines; of emperors, kings, illustrious princes, and great generals; of ancient and modern authors; of philosophers, inventors of arts, and all those who have recommended themselves to the world, by their valour, virtue, learning, or some notable circumstances of their lives: together with the establishment and progress both of religious and military orders, and the lives of their founders: as also, the fabulous history of the heathen gods and heroes. The description of empires, kingdoms, common-wealths, provinces, cities, towns, islands, mountains, rivers, and other considerable places, both of ancient and modern geography: wherein is abserved the situation, extent and quality of the country; the religion, government, morals and customs of the inhabitants; the sects of christians, jews, heathens and mahometans. The principal terms of arts and sciences; the publick and solemn actions, as festivals, plays, &c. the statutes and laws; and withal, the history of general and particular councils, under the names of the places where they have been celebrated. The whole being full of remaks and curious enquiries, for the illustration of several difficulties in theology, history, chronology and geography, &c. This appendix being collected from authors of character, and chiefly from the french supplement to the said dictionary, printed in Holland in the year 1716. And wherein foreign lives and transactions are continued to the said period
Hrsg. v. Jeremy Collier