Dyche, Thomas
Pardon, William

A new general English dictionary

Peculiarly calculated for the use and improvement of such as are unacquainted with the learned languages. Wherein the difficult words, and technical terms made use of in anatomy, architecture, arithmetick, algebra, astronomy, botany, chymistry, divinity, gardening, grammar, hawking, heraldry, history, horsemanship, hunting, husbandry, law, logick, mathematicks, mechanicks, milit. affairs, musick, navigation, painting, poetry, rhetorick, sculpture, surgery, &c. Are not only fully explain'd, but accented on their proper syllables, to prevent a vicious pronunciation; and mark'd with initial letters, to denote the part of speech to which each word peculiarly belongs. To which is prefixed, a compendious english grammar, with general rules for the ready formation of one part of speech from another; by the due application whereof, such as understand english only, may be able to write as correctly and elegantly, as those who have been some years conversant in the latin, greek, &c. languages. Together with a supplement, of the proper names of the most noted kingdoms, provinces, cities, towns, rivers, &c. throughout the known world. As also of the most celebrated emperors, kings, queens, priests, poets, philosophers, generals, &c. whether jewish, pagan, mahometan, or christian; but more especially such as are mentioned either in the Old or New Testament. The whole alphabetically digested, and accented in the same manner, and for the same purpose, as the preceding part; being collected for the use of such as have but an imperfect idea of the english orthography. Originally begun by the late Reverend Mr. Thomas Dyche, School-Master at Stratford-le-Bow. Author of the Guide to the English Tongue, the Spelling-Dictionary, &c. and now finished by William Pardon, Gent.
The twelfth edition, with the addition of the several market towns in England and Wales, giving a general description of the place, their situations, market days, government, manufactures, number of representatives sent to parliament, distance from London, both in computed and measured miles, &c.
Ware, and SunLondon1765