A new universal etymological dictionary

Containing not only explanations of the words in the english language; and the different senses ich which they are used; with authorities from the best writers, to support those which appear doubtful; but also their etymologies from the ancient and modern languages: and accents directing to their proper pronunciation; shewing both the orthography and orthoepeia of the english tongue. Also full and accurate explanations of the various terms made use of in the several arts, sciences, manufacturers, and trades. Originally compiled by N. Bailey. Assisted in the mathematical part by G. Gordon, in the botanical by P. Miller, and in the etymological, &c. by T. Lediard, Gent. Professor of the modern languages in Lower Germany. And now republished with many corrections, additions, and literate improvements, by different hands. The etymology of all terms mentioned as derived from the greek, hebrew, arabic, and other asiatic languages; being revised and corrected
A new edition
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