A new general dictionary of arts and sciences, or, compleat system of universal knowledge

Exhibiting, together with every other branch of useful learning, agriculture, algebra, anatomy, architecture, arithmetic, astronomy, book-keeping, botany, chemistry, chronology, commerce, fluxions, fortification gardening, gauging, geography, geometry, grammar, gunnery, heraldry, history, horsemanship, husbandry, hydrostatics, law,logic, maritime affairs, mathematics, military affairs, mechanics, merchandize, metaphysics, music, navigation, optics, painting, perspective, philosophy, physic, rhetoric, sculpture, statics, statuary, surgery, surveying, theology, &c. Poetry, criticism, grammar and theology by James Scott. The mathematical branches by Charles Green. Naval and marine affairs, and naval architecture by William Falconer. Botany and gardening by James Meader. And various other braches of literature by a society of gentlemen, many of whom are members of the Society für the Encouragement oft Arts and Sciences
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