The new complete dictionary of arts and sciences; or, an universal system of useful knowledge

Containing a full explanation of every art and science, whether liberal or mechanical, in which the difficulties attending a thorough knowledge of them are clearly pointed out, and such directions given as cannot fail of making their acquisition easy and familiar to every capacity. Exhibiting, among the various other branches of literature, a copious elucidation of the following, viz. agriculture, algebra, anatomy, architecture, arithmetick, astronomy, book-keeping, botany, carving, catoptricks, chemistry, chronology, commerce, conicks, cosmography, dialing, dioptricks, ethicks, farriery, fluxions, fortification, gardening, gauging, geography, geometry, grammar, gunnery, handicrafts, heraldry, history, horsemanship, husbandry, hydraulicks, hydrography, hydrostaticks, law, levelling, logick, maritime and military affairs, mathematicks, mechanicks, medicine, merchandize, metaphysicks, meteorology, musick, navigation, opticks, oratory, painting, perspective, pharmacy, philology, philosophy, physick, pneumaticks, rhetorick, sculpture, series and staticks, statuary, surgery, surveying, theology, trigonometry, &c. The whole upon an improved plan, the marrow and quintessence of every other dictionary and work of the kind being preserved, and their superfluities and obscurities entirely omitted. Particular attention has been given to every thing valuable in Chambers, the Encyclopedie, printed in Paris; the Encyclopediæ Britannica, and other publications of later date. Including not only all the valuable modern improvements which have been made by several eminent members of the Royal Society, the Royal Academy, and the Society for the Encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce, but also a great variety of other important discoveries; which have been made and communicated to the authors of this work, by some of the most distinguished characters of this and other nations. Eminent engravers and designers in the several departments have been engaged at a very great expence to unite their abilities in producing the most masterly and superb set of copper-plates, representing upwards of one thousand exact figures, such as machines, instruments, implements, tools, plans, schemes, animals, vegetables, minerals, fossils, and other articles relative to the subjects treated of in a work of the utmost consequence to mankind. The theological, philosophical, critical, and poetical branches, by the Rev. Erasmus Middleton, lecturer of St. Bennet's, Grace-church-Street, and of St. Helen's Bishopsgate-Street; the medicinal, chemical, and anatomical, by William Turnbull, M.D. of Wellclose-Square, London; the gardening and botanical, by Thomas Ellis, gardener to the Lord Bishop of Lincoln, and author of The gardener's pocket calender; the mathematical, &c. by John Davidson, author of A complete course of mathematicks; and the other parts by gentlemen of approved abilities in the respective branches which they have engaged to illustrate
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