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Brown, George

The new young man's companion; or, youths faithful guide

Containing a new introduction to all the various branches of useful knowledge and learning, ranged in an easy and familiar manner, whereby the different departments of trade and business are rendered plain and intelligible to every capacity: amongst other articles of importance are the following: an address to young men and youth in general, pointing out the proper way to prosperity and happiness, by which alone they can become rich and respectable. A new english grammar, whereby may be attained the true art of reading, writing, as well as speaking with propriety and correctness, the best instructions for writing the different hands, and making pens, ink, &c. with sundry sets of copies, moral sentences, &c. which may be used both in schools and private instruction. A new and complete system of arithmetic, whereby the learner may become master of the subject without any other assistance. ... Bills of parcels, bills of book debts, and of money. Compendiums of measuring, gauging and dialling, also of geography in general, of chronology, and of astronoym, describing the motion, distance, &c. of the planets and other heavenly bodies. Directions in farriery. Instructions in gardening and botany. Tables of the kings and queens, &c. &c. And many other curious particulars. By the rev. George Brown, m.a. author of the universal letter-writer; or, whole art of general correspondence