Fenning, Daniel

The young man's book of knowledge

Being a proper supplement to the young man's companion. In five parts, viz. Part I. Of knowledge in general; the advantages of gaining it early, with a definition thereof. Of god, his essence and attributes. Of the origin of nature, and first formation of things. Chronological tables of the knowledge of historical events from the saxon heptarchy, a.d. 455, to the present time. Part II. Geography, in a manner entirely new: containing, (by question and answer) 1. A general description of the four quarters of the world. 2. The situation, extent, and chief cities of the several kingdoms and countries of each quarter. 3. The nature and description of the globes, and explanation of the terms used in geography. 4. Tables of the latitude and longitude of several principal places; with many useful and necessary problems on the terrestrial and celestial globes. Part III. Geometry and astronomy, navigation and plain-sailing ; with many useful, easy, and instructive problems for the young practitioner in the further knowledge of those sciences. Part IV. Natural philosophy in general. Part V. Theology, containing an account of the religion and laws of nature. Supernatural theology. Observations on the holy scriptures, which teach us the knowledge of god and our duty. Account of judaism, paganism, christianity, and mahometanism. Of the sects of the jews. Different tenets of the principal sects or professors of christianity. Of the heathen mythology, and alphabetical account of the heathen deities. Of music and vibration. Definition of music. Gamut or scale, and explanation of dividing notes in time, &c. Of the diatonic scale, an explanation. Different keys, time, bass, &c. &c. By D. Fenning, author of the royal english dictionary, universal spelling-book, use of the globes, &c. &c. &c.