Fenning, Daniel
Malham, John

The young man's new universal companion, or, gentleman's pocket intelligencer.

Containing, I. The principles of the english language; directions for writing; specimens of letters; forms of address; and rules for penmanship. II. Forms of wills and deeds; notes, receipts, bills of parcels and book debts, with many other mercantile matters, as shipping, invoices, and the nature of exports and imports. III. Arithmetic in general; vulgar and decimal fractions; extraction of roots, and their uses; duodecimals and their application to artificers' works; board and timber measure. IV. Chronology and geometry, with some of their most useful problems; plain trigonometry; the geography of maps; navigation and astronomy, including a full account of the georgium sidus, or new planet. Dialling, with the newly invented pocket card-dial. The colouring of dial-boards, and preparing colours for beautifying maps, &c. V. The mensuration of superficial and solid bodies. Easy methods of surveying land-cask gauging. Information to custom-house, military, and engineer officers. VI. Several valuable and approved receipts in physic and surgery. Method of avoiding infectious diseases; of consumptions of the lungs. Fly-fishing and angling. Directions for swimming. Recovery of drowned persons. On the barometer, thermometer, and hygrometer; the aurora borealis. To estimate the value of life and leasehold estates upon two or three lives, &c. &c. Begun by the late Mr. D. Fenning, author of the royal english dictionary, universal spelling book, ready reckoner, young man's book of knowledge, new grammar of the english tongue, &c. and continued by the rev. J. Malham. Author of the scholar's plain and familiar guide to the knowledge of vulgar and decimal arithmetic, pocket card-dial, &c.