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Fisher, George

The instructor, or, young man's best companion

Containing, spelling, reading, writing, and arithmetic, in an easier way than any yet published; with instructions to qualify any person for business, without the help of a master; to write a variety of hands, with copies both in prose and verse; letters on business or friendship; forms of indentutes, bonds, bills of sale, receipts, wills, leafes, releases, &c. Also merchants accompts and a short and easy method of shop and book-keeping; with a description of the counties and market-towns in England and Wales, and their product. Together with the method of measuring carpenters, joiners, sawyers, bricklayers, plasters, plumbers, masons, glaziers, and painters work, &c. The mode of undertaking each work. and at what price; the rates of each commodity, and the common wages of journeymen; and a description of Gunter's line, and Coggeshail's sliding-rule. Likewise the practical gauger made easy; the art of dialling, and fixing dials; with receipts for dying, colouring, and making colours; and some general observations for gardening, through every month in the year. In this work is also given a compendium of the sciences of geography and astronomy; containing a brief description of the different parts of the earth, and a survey of the celestial bodies. And some useful interest-tables
Twenty-ninth edition, corrected and improved