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Wilson, George

The youth's pocket-companion, or, universal preceptor

Containing what is absolutely necessary for every young man to know and practise, under the following heads, viz, a plain and easy grammar of the English language, by which a person of the meanest capacity may presently understand to write, speak, and read, with the greatest correctness and accurracy. The best instructions for writing, making pens, &c. Familiar letters in the common occurences of life, which is a complete introduction to an easy, useful, and elegant stile; and which will enable any person to write a handsome letter on any subject whatsoever. Arithmetic rendered so plain and easy, that any person may arrive to the greatest perfection, without the help of a master. Forms of receipts, bills, notes of hand, &c., rules to be observed in the conduct of life, to lead to happiness and prosperity, the pocket farrier, the gardener's directory, examples of the most necessary forms in law, such as wills, indentures, &c. and several other things, equally useful, too numerous to be mentioned in a title-page
Second edition