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Curzon, Henry

The universal library,or, compleat summary of science

Containing above sixty select treatises. In two volumes. I. Of theology, philosophy, metaphysicks, ethicks, oeconomy, religion, games used at ancient festivals, cosmography, elements, geography, hydrography, travel, government, chronology, history, laws, coins, medals, weights and measures, meteors, rarities, mankind in the different sexes of men and women, physick, chyrurgery, chymistry, cookery and dyet. II. Of animals, vegetables and agriculture, gems, metals, grammar and languages, hieroglyphicks, poetry, logick, rhetorick, musick, arithmetick, geometry, architecture, surveying, gauging, dyalling, navigation; the military art, fortification, gunnery, astronomy, astrology, augury, magick, mathematical magick, dreams and apparitions, heraldry, painting, colours and dying, opticks, angling, fowling, inventions, ignorance in the ancients, and errors among the people. With divers secrets, experiments and curiosities therein
The second edition. To which is added a copious index to both volumes.
Warner, and BatleyLondon1722
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