The new royal encyclopaedia

Or, complete modern universal dictionary of arts and sciences, on an improved plan. Containing a new, universal, accurate, and copious display of the whole theory and practice of the liberal and mechanical arts, and all the respective sciences, human and divine, arranged systematically, and digested into distinct treatises. Also the various detached parts of knowledge, copiously and critically explained, according to the best authorities. Comprising a regular and general course of ancient and modern literature, from the earliest ages down to the present times. Including all the late discoveries and improvements in the various branches of literature, particularly acoustics, aerology, aerostation, agriculture, alchemy, algebra, altimetry, amphibiology, analytics, anatomy, anemography, architecture, arithmetic, astrology, astronomy, bell-lettres, book-keeping, botany, brachygraphy, catoptrics, chemistry, chronology, commerce, conchology, conics, cosmography, criticism, dialling, dioptrics, drawing, electricity, engineering, engraving, entomology, ethics, farriery, fencing, financing, fluxions, fortification, gardening, gauging, geography, geometry, grammar, gunnery, handicrafts, heraldry, history, horsemanship, husbandry, hydraulics, hydrography, hydrostatics, ichtyology, laws and customs, levelling, logic, logimetry, magnetism, manegery, maritime affairs, mathematics, mechanics, mensuration, mercantile business, merchandise, metaphysics, meteorology, microscopial discoveries, military matters, mineralogy, modelling, music, mythology, navigation, natural history, nautical matters, optics, oratory, ornithology, painting, perpspective, pharmacy, philosophy, phlebotomy, physic, physiology, phytology, planometrie, pneumatics, poetry, projectiles, pyrotechny, recreations, religion, rhetoric, rites and ceremonies, sculpture, series and statics, statuary, stereometry, surgery, surveying, tactics, theology, trades and arts, trigonometry, zoology, &c., &c., &c. The whole entirely freed from the errors, obscurities, and superstuities of other writers on the various subjects, and forming a more methodical, inetlligent, and complete repository of universal knowledge, than any other work, of a similiar nature, ever in the english language
By William Henry Hall, assisted by other learned and ingenious gentlemen
Hrsg. v. William Henry Hall
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