The newest, best, and very-much esteemed book of knowledge

Being very necessary and useful for the instruction and benefit of all persons. Shewing the effects of the planets and other astronomical constellations; with the strange events that happen to men, women, and children, born under them. Together with the husbandman's practice: or, pregnostication for ever. And the shepherd's perpetual calendar for the weather. Also a brief discourse of the natural causes of meteors; with an account of several remarkable earthquakes, rains, thunders, thunder-bolts, lightnings, comets, blazing-stars, &c. and observations on the weather, and signs foretelling rain. - A brief collection of all the members of man physiognomiz'd. - Signification of moles on man or woman. - Interpretation of dreams. - and pythagoras's wheel of fortune. With a particular account of the earth and sea: and a description of the most magnificent temple of solomon, also of the seven wonders of the world