Comenius, Johann Amos

Janua linguarum reserata

Sive, omnium scientiarum & linguarum seminarium: Id est compendiosa latinam & anglicam, aliasque lingus & artium etiam fundamenta addiscendi methodus: una cum ianue latinitatis vestibulo. Authore cl. viro J. A. Comenio
<p>The gate of languages unlocked, or, a seed-plot of all arts and tongues; containing a ready way to learn the latine and english tongue. Formerly translated by Tho. Horn; afterwards much corrected and amended by Joh. Robotham; now carefully reviewed, and exactly compared with all former editions, foreign and others, and much enlarged both in the Latine and English: together with a portall, as also there is newly added the foundation to the ianua</p>
Hrsg. v. Thomas HorneJohn Robotham
The sixth edition