Comenius, Johann Amos

Janua linguarum reserata

Sive, omnium scientiarum & linguarum seminarium: Id est compendiosa latinam & anglicam, aliasque lingus & artium etiam fundementa addiscendi methodus: una cum ianue latinitatis vestibulo. Autore cl. viro J. A. Comenio. The gate of languages unlocked, or, a seed-plot of all arts and tongues; containing a ready way to learn the latine and english tongue. Formerly translated by Tho. Horn; afterwards much corrected and amended by Joh. Robotham; now carefully reviewed by W. D.; to which is premised a portal; as also there is now newly added the foundation to the Ianua containing all, or the chief primitives of the latine tongue, drawn into sentences, in an alphabetical order, by G. P.
Hrsg. v. Thomas HorneJohn Robotham
Company of StationersLondon1667