Hanbury, William

A complete body of planting and gardening

Containing the natural history, culture, and management of deciduous and evergreen forest-trees. With practical directions for raising and improving woods, nurseries, seminaries, and plantations; and the method of propagating and improving the various kinds of deciduous and evergreen shrubs and trees proper for ornament and shade. Also instructions for laying-out and disposing of pleasure and flower-gardens; including the culture of prize-flowers, perennials, annuals, biennials, &c. Likewise plain and familiar rules for the management of a kitchen-garden; comprehending the newest and best methods of raising all its different productions. To which is added, the manner of planting an cultivating fruit-gardens and orchards. The whole forming a complete history of timber-trees, whether raised in forests, plantations, or nurseries; as well as a general system of the present practice of the flower, fruit, and kitchen gardens
By the Rev. William Hanbury, A. M. Rector of Church-Langton, in Leicestershire. In two volumes
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