The complete farmer

Or, a general dictionary of husbandry, in all its branches. Containing the various methods of cultivating and improving every species of land, according to the precepts of both the old and new husbandry. Comprising every thing valuable in the best writers on this subject, viz. Linnaeus, Chateauvieux, the Marquis of Turbilly, Platt, Evelyn, Worlidge, Mortimer, Tull, Ellis, Miller, Hale, Lisle, Roque, Mills, Young, &c. Together with a geat variety of new discoveries and improvements. Also the whole business of breeding, managing, and fattening cattle of all kinds, and the most approved methods of curing the various diseases to which they are subject. Together with the method of raising bees, and of acquiring large quantities of wax and honey, without destroying those labourious insects. To which is added, the gardener's kalendar, calculated for the use of farmers and country gentlemen
Illustrated with a great variety of folio copper-plates, finely engraved; exhibiting all the instruments used in husbandry, particularly those lately invented, and presented to the Society for the Encouragement of Arts, &c. in London, many of which have never yet appeared in a work of this nature. By a Society of Gentlemen, members of the Society for the Encouragement of Arts, Manufactures, and Commerce
The third edition, corrected and improved