Abercrombie, John

Every man his own gardener

Being a new, and much more complete gardener's kalendar, and general director, than any one hitherto published. Containing, not only an account of what work is necessary to be done in the kitchen and fruit garden, pleasure ground, flower garden and shrubbery; nursery, green-house, and hot-house for every month in the year, but also ample practical directions for performing the said work, according to the newest and most approved methods now in practice among the best gardeners. With complete practical directions for forcing all kinds of choice plants, flowers and fruits, to early perfection, in hot-beds, hot-houses, hot-walls, forcing-frames, forcing-houses, vineries, &c. Also particular directions relative to soil and situation, adapted to the different sorts of plants and trees, &c. And to the whole are added, complete and useful lists of kitchen-garden plants, fruit trees, forest trees, flowering shrubs, evergreens, annual, biennial, and perennial fibrous-rooted flowers, bulbous and tuberous-rooted flowers, green-house, and hot-house plants, proper for cultivation in the English gardens and plantations, &c. &c. and to which, in this edition, are added, additional systematic general catalogues of hardy herbaceous perennials and bicnnials, and of hot-house plants (not in any former edition) with general explanations of their nature and culture
By Thomas Mawe, (gardner to his grace the Duke of Leeds) John Abercrombie, gardener, Newington, Surry; (formerly to Tottenham-Court, Middlesex.) and other gardeners
The thirteenth edition, corrected, and greatly enlarged, with considerable material new additions, and wholly new improved in the most copious and general manner in every department of the work, rendering it much superior, and more universally instructive than any former edition