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Abercrombie, John

The gardener's pocket journal

And daily assistant in the modern practice of english gardening. In a concise monthly display of the practical works of general gardening, throughout the year. Forming a complete practical remembrancer and compendious journal of the proper seasons, and different methods of sowing, planting, propagating and raising the various productions of the kitchen and fruit-garden, shrubbery, and plantations, pleasure-grounds, nursery, green-house, and hot-house, hot-beds, and forcing-house. With the essential culture of the respective plants, trees, shrubs, flowers; and a general register and full display of all the necessary works requisite in the practical management of the several months of the year, from the beginning of January to the end of December. With lists and general descriptions of the plants trees, shrubs, flowers and fruits, of each garden district; and of green-house and hot-house plants
Ninth edition corrected, greatly enlarged, and very much improved, n.b. to this edition is added a brief sketch of the life of the author.