Bradley, Richard

New improvements of planting and gardening

Both philosophical and practical. In three parts. I. Containing, a new system of vegetation. Explaining the motion of the sap, and generation of plants. Of soils, and the improvement of forest-trees. With a new invention, whereby more designs of garden-plats may be made in an hour, than can be found in all the books of gardening yet extant. II. The best manner of improving flower-gardens, or parterres, of raising and propagating all sorts of flowers, and of the adorning of gardens. III. Of improving fruit-trees, kitchen-gardens, and green-house-plants. With the gentleman and gardener's kalendar
Illustrated with copper plates. By Richard Bradley, F. R. S.
The fourth edition. To which is added, that scarce and valuable tract intitled, Herefordshire-Orchards