Cowell, John

The curious fruit and flower gardener

Containing I. Remarks concerning the raising flowers from seed. II. Curious directions for cultivating the choicest fruits of the east and west indies at a small expence. III. Peculiar observations and rules for the management of dwarf fruit trees, wall trees, espaliers, and standards; by a new method of rendering them more ornamental and profitable than is commonly practised. IV. The most useful experiments for improving land by grain and seeds. V. The names and characters of all the known soilsm England, and their improvement by grain, seeds, and plants. VI. An exact description of the great american aloe, its manner of blossoming and use; with the culture of that and many other exotic plants. VII. An account of the most beautiful kinds of torch thistles, and their flowers, &c. VIII. The history of the Glastenbury or holy thorn, which blossoms every christmas; at which season it shews its flowers. though the weather be ever so severe
By John Cowell, Gardener at Hoxton near London
The second edition, adorn'd with curious figures