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Hill, Thomas

The gardeners labyrinth, or, a new art of gardening

Wherein is laid down new and rare inventions and secrets of gardening, not heretofore known. For sowing, planting, and setting all manner of roots, herbs, and flowers, both for the use of the kitchin garden, and a garden of pleasure, with the right ordering of all delectable and rare flowers, and fine roots, as the like hath not heretofore published by any. Likewise here is set forth divers knots for the beautifying of any garden for delight. Lastly here is set down the physical benefits of each herb, with the commodities of the waters distilled out of them, for the use and benefit of all
Collected from the best approved authors, besides four years experience in the art of gardening, by D.M.
And now newly corrected and inlarged