Kennedy, John

A treatise upon planting, gardening, and the management of the hot-house

Containing, I. The method of planting forest-trees in gravelly, poor, mountainous, and heath lands; with particular directions for raising the plants in the seed-bed, previous to their being planted out. II. The method of pruning forest-trees; with directions how to improve plantations and woods that have been neglected. III. On the soils most proper for the different kinds of forest-trees. IV. The management of vines, comprehending their cultivation upon fire-walls and in the hot-house; together with a new method of dressing, planting, and preparing the ground. V. A new and easy method of propagating pine plants, so as to gain half a year in their growth; together with a certain method of destroying the insect so destructive to pines. VI. A certain and easy method of raising mushrooms without spawn, by which the table may be plentifully supplied every week in the year. VII. A new method of cultivating asparagus. And, VIII. The best method of cultivating field-cabbages and carrots for the purpose of feeding cattle.
By John Kennedy, gardener to Sir Thomas Gascoigne, Baronet