McIntosh, Charles

The practical gardener and modern horticulturist

Containing the latest and most approved methods for the management of the kitchen, fruit, and flower-garden, the green-house, hot-house, &c. &c. for every month in the year
Each department being distinctly and separately arranged. Illustrated by numerous design's of the most eligible plans for the formation of kitchen and pleasure-gardens, the erection of hot-houses, hot-beds, green-houses, conservatories, walls, fences, &c, &c. Including the new method of heating forcing-houses with hot water only. Forming a complete system of modern practice, in the various branches of horticultural science. Embellished with highly-finished engravings of some of the most choice and valuable fruits and flowers now cultivated in this country. By Charles Mcintosh, C. M.C. H. S. Late gardener to the right honorable the Earl of Braedalbane, Sir Thomas Baring, Bart. M. P., &c. &c.
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