Meager, Leonard

The english gardener

Or, a sure guide to young planters & gardners, in three parts. I. Shewing the way and order of planting and raising all sorts of stocks, fruit-trees, and shrubs with divers ways of ingrafting and inoculating in their several seasons, ordering and preservation. II. How to order the kitchin-garden, for all sorts of herbs, roots, and sallads. III. The ordering of the garden of pleasure, with variety of knots, and wilderness-work after the best fashion, all cut in copper-plates. Also the choicest and most approved ways for the raising all sorts of flowers, and their seasons, with directions concerning arbors, and hedges in gardens. With ordering the green-house or conservatory, in preserving choice shrubs, flowers, and plants, in the extreamest seasons, making fire-stoves, watering, and what is to be done in every month through the year, in the orchard, garden, &c. Fitted for the use of all such as delight in gardening, whereby the meanest capacity need not doubt of success
Ninth edition, with large additions
Wotton and ConyersLondon1699