Meager, Leonard

The new art of gardening

With the gardener's almanack. Containing the true art of gardening in all its particulars. I. The site of a proper plat of ground, for planting fruit-trees, with the manner of planting, grafting, imbudding, inoculating, and ordering all sorts of fruit-trees, and fruits in all seasons. The art of making cyder, perry, and wines of divers sorts of fruits. II. Of the kitchen-garden, and what things are proper to be done in it, as to herbs, plants, roots, berries, fruits, &c. III. Of the flower-garden, how to order it, and rear choice flowers, slips, layers, sow seeds, make off-sets, and plant them in their proper earths, seasons, and due waterings; with the names, and descriptions of the most material ones. IV. Of greens, how to order and preserve them. With rules for the conservatory, and green-house. To each head is added an almanack, shewing what is to be done every month in the year