M'Mahon, Bernard

The american gardener's calendar

Adapted to the climates and seasons of the United States. Containing a complete account of all the work necessary to be done in the kitchen-garden, fruit-garden, orchard, vineyard, nursery, pleasure-ground, flower-garden, green-house, hot-house, and forcing frames, for every month in the year. With ample practical directions for performing the same. Also, general as well as minute instructions, for laying out, or erecting, each and every of the above departments, according to modern taste, and the most approved plans, the ornamental planting of pleasure-grounds, in the ancient and modern style, the cultivation of thorn-quicks and other plants suitable for live hedges. With the best methods of making them, &c. To which are annexed, catalogues of kitchen-garden plants and herbs, aromatic pot, and sweet herbs, medicinal plants, and the most important grasses, etc., used in rural economy, with the soil best adapted to their cultivation. Together with a copious index to the body of the work
Tenth edition, improved