Switzer, Stephen

The country gentleman's companion

Or, ancient husbandry restored, and modern husbandry improved. Shewing: I. The most expeditious manner of raising and propagating foreign sallads and other kitchen plants. II. The method of burning clay. III. The great improvement of land by grass seeds. IV. The excellency of the medicago, or cythisus maranthae of the ancients. Demonstrating that plant, (so much esteemed by the romans) to be the best fodder for all kinds of cattle, poultry, bees, &c. from its hardiness, being capable of enduring the severest weather, and prospering on the most barren, dry land. Fully answering the character given of it by Columella, Cato, Pliny, Varrro, Virgil, &c. With a detection of the errors of some writers relating to this plant