The country-mans recreation

Or the art of planting, graffing, and gardening, in three books. The first declaring divers waies of planting, and graffing, and the best times of the year, with divers commodities and secrets herein, how to set or plant with the root, and without the root; to sow or set pepins or curnels, with the ordering thereof, also to cleanse your grafts and cions, to help barren and sick trees, to kill worms and vermin, and to preserve and keep fruit; how to plant and proin your vines, and to gather and presse your grape; to cleanse and mosse your trees, to make your cider and perry, with many other secret practises which shall appear in the table following. The second treateth of the hop-garden, with necessary instructions for the making and maintenance thereof, as the scituation, quantity, charge and benefit, preparation, time to cut and set, with rules for the choice and preparation of rootes, and also divers instrumenta usefull for the hop-garden. Whereunto is added, the expert gardener, containing divers necessary and rare secrets belonging to that art, with directions to know the time and season to sow and plant all manner of seeds. With divers remedies new inventions and garden-knots, and also present remedies to destroy snails, canker-wormes, moths, garden-fleas, earth-wormes, moles, and other vermin with commonly breed in gardens