Worlidge, John

A compleat system of husbandry and gardening

Or, the gentleman's companion, in the business and pleasures of a country life. Shewing, I. The several new and most advantagious ways of tilling, planting, sowing, manuring, ordering, and improving of all sorts of gardens, orchards, meadows, pastures, corn-lands, woods, and coppices. As also of fruits; corn, grain, pulse, new-hays, cattle, fowl, beasts, bees, silk-worms, fish, and fish-ponds. II. The Husbandman's monthly directions. Also the prognosticks of dearth, scarcity, plenty, sickness, heat, cold, frost, snow, winds, rain, hail, and thunder. III. The interpretation of rustick terms. With an account of the several instruments and engines used in this profession, and exact draughts thereof curiously engraven on copper
The whole collected from, and containing what is most valuable in all the books hitherto written upon this subject. With many new experiments and observations
Pickard, Bettesworth, CurllLondon1716