Blagrave, Joseph

The epitome of the art of husbandry

Comprising all necessary directions for the improvement of it, viz, plowing, sowing, grafting, gardning, ordering of flowers, herbs; directions for the use of the angle; ordering of bees. Together with the gentlemans heroick exercise, discoursing of horses, their nature, and use, with their diseases and remedies, of oxen, cows, calves, sheep, hogs, with the manner of ordering them, their diseases and remedies. Of the nature of marle, the best way of plant∣ing clover-grass, hops, saffron, liquorish, hemp, &c. To which is annexed by way of appendix, a new method of planting fruit-trees, and improving of an orchard, with several other new editions
By J. B. Gent
Second edition