Blagrave, Joseph

The epitome of the art of husbandry

Comprizing all necessary directions for the improvement of it, viz. plowing, sowing, grafting, gardening, ordering of flowers, herbs; directions for the use of the angle; ordering of bees: together with the gentlemans heroick exercise; discoursing of horses, their nature, and use, with their diseases and remedies: of oxen, cows, calves, sheep, hogs, with the manner of ordering them, their diseases and remedies. Of the nature of marle, the best way of planting clover-grass, hops, saffron, liquorice, hemp, &c. To which is annexed by way of appendix, a new method of planting fruit-trees, and improving of an orchard: with directions for taking, ordering, teaching, and curing of singing birds, and other useful additions
By J. B. Gent