Bradley, Richard

The country housewife, and lady's director

For every month of the year. Both in the frugal management of the house, and in the delights and profits of the farm. Containing the whole art of cookery, laid down in a great variety of the best and cheapest receipts for dressing all sorts of flesh, fish, fowl, fruits, and herbs, which are the productions of a farm, or any foreign parts. Likewise the best methods to be observed in brewing malt liquors, and making the several sorts of english wines. The arts of pickling, preserving, confectionary, pastry, &c. &c. Together with a few of the most approved and efficacious medicines, proper to be kept in every private family. Published for the good of the public
By R. Bradley, professor of botany in the University of Cambridge, and Fellow of the Royal Society
The sixth edition, with great additions and improvements
Bristow, and EthringtonLondon1762