Hale, Thomas

A compleat body of husbandry.

Containing, rules for performing, in the most profitable manner, the whole business of the farmer and country gentleman. In cultivating, planting and stocking of land; in judging of the several kinds of seeds and manures; and in the management of arable and pasture grounds. Together with the most approved methods of practice in the several branches of husbandry, from sowing the seed, to getting in the crop; and in breeding and preserving cattle, and curing their diseases. To which is annexed, the whole management of the orchard, the brewhouse, and the dairy
Compiled from the original papers of the late Thomas Hale, Esq. And enlarged by many new and useful communications on practical subjects, from the collections of Col. Stevenson, Mr. Randolph, Mr. Hawkins. Mr. Storey, Mr. Osborne, the Rev. Mr. Turner, and others. A work founded on experience, and calculated for general benefit. Consisting chiefly of improvements made by modern practitioners in farming; and containing many valuable and useful discoveries, never before published. Illustrated with a great number of cuts; some of which, particularly the plans of small farm houses, are not contained in the english edition. Reprinted at the request, and upon the recommendation, of several members of the Farmers Societies in Ireland. In four volumes