Laurence, John

A new system of agriculture

Being a complete body of husbandry and gardening in all the parts of them. Viz. Husbandry in the field, and its several improvements. Of forest and timber trees, great and small; with ever-greens and flow'ring shrubs, &c. Of the fruit-garden. Of the kitchen-garden. Of the flower-garden. In five books. Containing all the best and latest, as well as many new improvements, useful to the husbandman, grazier, planter, gardener and florist. Wherein are interspersed many curious observations on vegetation; on the diseases of trees, and the general annoyances to vegetables, and their probable cures. As also a particular account of the famous silphium of the antients
By John Laurence, M.A. Rector of Bishops-Weremouth in the Bishoprick of Durham, and prebendary of the Church of Sarum