Markham, Gervase

Countrey contentments

In two bookes. The first, containing the whole art of riding great horses in very short time, with the breeding, breaking, dyeting and ordring of them, and of running, hunting and ambling horses, with the manner how to use them in their travell. Likewise in two newe treatises the arts of hunting, hawking, coursing of grey-hounds with the lawes of the leash, shooting, bowling, tennis, baloone &c. By G.M. The second intituled, The english huswife. Containing the inward and outward vertues which ought to be in a compleate woman. As her phisicke, cookery, banqueting-stuffe, distillation, perfumes, wooll, hemp, flaxe, dairies, brewing, baking, and all other things belonging to an houshold
A worke very profitable and necessary for the generall good of this kingdome. By G. M.