Markham, Gervase

A way to get wealth

Containing six principal vocations or callings, in which every good husband or house-wife may lawfully imploy themselves, as First, the natures ordering, curing, breeding, choise use, and feeding of all sorts of cattle and fowle, fit for the service of man. As also the riding and dieting of horses, eyther for warre or pleasure. Secondly, the knowledge, use, and laudable practise of all the recreations meet for a gentleman. Thirdly, the office of housewife, in physicke, surgery, extraction of oyles, banquets, cookery, ordering of feasts, preserving the wine, conceyted secrets, distillations, perfumes, ordering of wooll, hempe, flaxe, dying, use of dayries, malting, brewinf, baking, and the profit of oates. Fourthly, the enrichment of the weald in Kent, Fifthly, the husbanding, and enriching of all sorts of barraine grounds, making them equall with the most fruitfull, with the preservation of swine, and a computation of men and cattles, labours, &c. Sixly, the making of orchards, planting, and grafting, the office of gardening, and the ornaments, with the best husbandig of bees
The first five bookes gathered by G.M. The last by Master W. L. for the benefit of Great Britaine
The fift time corrected and augmented by the authour