Markham, Gervase

The compleat husbandman and gentleman's recreation

Or, the whole art of husbandry. Containing. I. Directions to cure all diseases in horses, which are almost 300, with 12 medicines only not of 12d cost. Also to cure oxen. Kine, bulls, calves, sheep, lambs, goats, swine, dogs, conies, hares, poultry, geese, ducks, swans, &c., pigeons, singing birds, hawks, deer, &c., to teach dogs. II. Directions to improve land, arable and pasture, to order flax, hemp. saffron, liquorice, bees, silk-worms, and to make some new invented plows. III. To brew pale ale and beer, make cyder equal to canary, and not stand in 4d. charge per quart, and to make mead and metheglin. IV. Of planting and raising trees for timber and fruit, grafting and gardening, to order clover and st. foin. V. To destroy moles, foxes and other vermin. VI. To heal all diseases in men or women with chew'd white bread. Also a pleasant and wholesome drink for a family, which will not cost a farthing a gallon, best for young and old, rich and poor sick and well. VII. Directions in angling, fowling, hawking, hunting, ringing, &c.
By G. Markham gent.