Markham, Gervase

The husbandman's jewel

Directing how to improve land from 10 l. per annum, to 50 l. with small charge by planting. Making cyder as good as canary, for 5d a quart or less. To improve land by draining, and by hemp, saffron, liquorice. To brew ale and beer, make cyder, meed, mum, metheglin, and other liquors, to order bees and silkworms. Destroy vermin &c. To which are added, the arts of angling, hawking, fowling, ringing, &c., directions to cure all diseases, of horses, oxon, cows, bulls, calves, sheep, lambs, goats, swine, dogs, conies, hares, poultry and singing birds at 12d. charge. To improve clover and St. Foin. To make table drink for families, both sick and well, at a farthing a gallon worth gold, good against all distempers. And to cure all outward sores or pains, aches, &c., at a penny charge, with divers other matters