Moore, Jonas

Englands interest, or the gentleman and farmers friend

Shewing, 1. How land may be improved from 20 s. to 8 £. and so to 100 £. per acre, per annum, with great ease, and for an inconsiderable charge. 2. How to make cyder, perry, cherry, currant, gooseberry and mulberry wines, as strong and wholesome as french or spanish wines, and the cyder and wines so made to be sold for 3 d. per quart, tho' as good as wine now sold for 18 d., 3. The best and quickest way of raising a nursery. 4. Directions for brewing the finest malt-liquors, much better and cheaper than hitherto known, shewing what care is to be taken in the choice of water, malt, and hops, and how they are to be mixed, boyled and fermented, for making the best march or october beer, strong ale, &c. 5. Instructions for breeding horses much cheaper, and to a far greater advantage than ever yet known. 6. Of the husbandry of bees, and the great benefit thereby. 7. Instructions for the profitable ordering of fish ponds, and for the breeding of fish
By Sir J. More
The third edition, with large additions