Nourse, Timothy

The mistery of husbandry discover'd

Containing several new and advantageous ways of tillage, sowing, planting, manureing and improving of all sorts of meadows, pasture, cornland, woods gardens, orchards. As also the fruit for cyder and perry, and of clover St. Foin, and other new hays. With the means to preserve husbandry in good order, consider'd in these particulars. First, the office of a country justice, and other inferior officers. Secondly, of inns and ale-houses, there use and abuse. Thirdly, on servants and laboureres. fourthly, on the poor. A country house described, both as to scituation, building, courts, gardens, orchards, fifth-ponds, out-houses, barns, dtables, &c. With an essay on fuel and wood-fires
By Tim Nourse, gent.
The third edition. To which is added, the compleat collier, or, an account how to find and work coal and coal-mines