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Serres, Olivier de

The perfect use of silk-wormes, and their benefit

With the exact planting, and artificiall handling of mulberrie trees whereby to nourish them, and the figures to know how to feede the wormes, and to winde off the silke. And the fit maner to prepare the barke of the white mulberrie to make fine linnen and other workes thereof
Done out of the French originall of D'Olivier de Serres Lord of Pradel into english, by Nicholas Geffe esquier. With an annexed discourse of his owne, of the meanes and sufficiencie of England for to have abundance of fine silke by feeding of silke-wormes within the same, as by apparent proofes by him made and continued appeareth. For the generall use and universall benefit of all those his countrey men which embrace them. Never the like yet here discovered by any
Hrsg. v. Nicholas Geffe
Sergier and PursetLondon1607