Trowell, Samuel

The farmer's instructor

Or, the husbandman and gardener's useful and necessary companion. Being a new treatise of husbandry, gardening, and other curious matters relating to country affairs. Containing a plain and practical method of improving all sorts of meadow, pasture, and arable land, &c. and making them produce greater crops of all kinds, and at much less than the present expence. With many new, useful, and curious improvements, never before published
First begun by Samuel Trowell, gent. and now compleated with a supplement to every chapter on husbandry. Giving an account how poor land, not worth above five Shillings an acre, may be made to bear as good crops of grain, grass, &c. as the richest, after a very cheap manner of performance, by the use of a new-invented excellent four-wheel drill-plough, which carries on it a seed-hopper and a manure-hopper, with a little harrow. All which are so light, that a man may easily draw it. By William Ellis, farmer, at Little-Gaddesden, in Hertfordshire
Hrsg. v. William Ellis
The farmer's instructor